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Slovenia , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Slovenia » Gorizia: Resolving Israel’s territorial dispute with the PA

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Publication date: Sunday 19 February 2012

Let’s begin by looking at Jerusalem. Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page. On the border between Slovenia and Italy there are now two large towns, Gorizia in Italy and Nova Gorica in Slovenia. The Italian town of Gorizia was split in 1948 when a ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: Migrants: Province of Gorizia, no barbed wire along borders

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Publication date: hursday 07 January 2016

led by the president of the Province of Gorizia Enrico Gherghetta, have laid bouquets of flowers near the barbed wire fence in Dragonja today, at the border crossing between Slovenia and Croatia. The barbed wire fence was set up by the Slovenian ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: Some want French royal remains repatriated from Slovenia

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Publication date: uesday 11 October 2016

NOVA GORICA, Slovenia (AP) — Beneath a small monastery in Slovenia ... The royals sought exile in several places before settling in Gorizia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The family enjoyed the hospitality of the area's Count Coronini ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: Slovenia: a modern Ruritania at the crossroads of southern Europe

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Publication date: Friday 25 April 2014

Slovenia lies astride fault lines both geological and cultural ... But north of the Italian border city of Gorizia (Nova Gorica on the Slovenian side) it is the Soca. Those inclined to doubt Italian bravery in war should study the Isonzo campaign, which ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: The Counts of Gorizia Brought to Life

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Publication date: Friday 23 June 2000

the counts of Gorizia ruled a patchwork of territories that stretched from the eastern Tirol, across present-day southern Austria and northeast Italy and down into Slovenia and Croatia. Then, as now, this region was where Germanic and Italian cultures met ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: An Uprising Under the Alps

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Publication date: Sunday 08 January 2017

These days, Tolmin is a quiet, almost sleepy town in the foothills of Slovenia’s Julian Alps ... In 1713, a tax inspector named Jakob Bandeu from the town of Gorizia (then a part of Austria) jailed several Tolmin peasants who owed back taxes and ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: Austria Announces Fence With Slovenia; Irony of German Whine; Cascading Fences; Mish Proposed Strategy

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Publication date: Wednesday 28 October 2015

Austria's decision to erect a fence also triggered concern in Italy, which fears that migrants travelling along the Balkan route may be diverted from Slovenia to its northeastern border area, near the cities of Gorizia and Trieste. "It is worrying," said ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: Fence divides neighboring towns

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Publication date: uesday 13 April 2004

GORIZIA, Italy (CNN) -- The border between Italy and Slovenia is barely visible here. Neighboring rooftops sit in two different towns in two different countries. Gorizia, once a single town, was divided between Italy and what was then Yugoslavia at the end ...

News Slovenia » Gorizia: Slovenes tussle with French historians over return of King Charles X's remains

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Publication date: Wednesday 12 October 2016

Slovenia has not reacted officially ... Thereafter he lived from city to city across Europe before moving in 1836 to Gorizia, then part of the Habsburg dynasty’s Austrian Empire and now in Italy, fleeing a cholera epidemic raging in Prague at the ...